Should I use an overlay or a background?

So I just have a question for those who have used overlays and backgrounds:
I want to make so my character takes out a notepad and checks some sort of a list written on one page (I’ll add a picture in the end). That notepad page would go on the whole screen. Should I make it as a background or as an overlay?

(I know there is nothing on the page, I am still creating it, but wanted to share it so you can get some sense what I am talkin about)

I would have the notepad as the background, and then have whatever you’re going to add on top of it as an overlay


Hey I agree with @/Ryder14 . I would use it as a background too so you can have whatever text you wanna as a overlay .

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Using it as a background is easier + having the text as an overlay. You can have the notepad as an overlay if you’re cut up about the quality (since PNGs have a better quality than JPG) but it doesn’t really matter with a notepad I don’t think? I doubt many readers would appreciate the notepad being an overlay anyway.


Thank you all, as I see, all of the answers are the same and all correct! It works like a charm! Ty again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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