Should I Use Ink or Limelight?

Hi there! I’m writing a new story and I’m wondering if I should use limelight or ink. The story is going to involve uniforms since it takes place in an academy. I feel like limelight would be better for clothing options (especially because I need color coded uniforms), but I know that more people enjoy ink and I want my story to appeal to the` majority of people. So what do you guys think? If you have any input comment it below!

  • Ink!
  • Limelight!

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I think most of the readers who enjoy reading ink stories doesn’t mind reading limelight even if ink is their favorite. You should really think what fits your story best and what you would feel comfortable with. I have written in ink and now I’m writing in limelight and I actually enjoy both. Choose the style that fits your story and style the best and I’m sure you will get the most reads that way.

I didn’t vote because I don’t have a preference.


Thanks everyone for your feedback! I’ll take it into consideration!

It all depends on what you, as the writer think that it should be. If you feel it should be Limelight, go ahead! If you want it to be INK, go ahead!

It’s up to you!

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Its up to you. But I personally prefer INK style

I’d go with little Limelight, it isn’t a favorite of mine, but the clothes would be better for the story your making.

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