Should I use Limelight or Ink for my story?

Okay so, I’ve been wanting to make a story about a princess behind the perfection everyone thinks she is. So I was wondering should I make it in Limelight or Ink?

Did you mean to have a poll, because it’s not working? :thinking:

yeah :joy: :sweat_smile:

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INK, much better imo and has more princess clothes.

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I personally am an Ink reader but if you want to have much more animations you go to limelight but it depends on your liking or what your story is about but i recommend for princess, ink because it has more proncess dresses and i think moat readers prefer ink

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Well… if you want a princess story… I think you should go for limelight… it has more dress and animation… it will look good…

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I think we’ve seen WAY too many princesses and royalty on ink. Limelight princess would be something different. The only drawback is that there aren’t yet too many princess and royalty clothes.