Should I use points to determine a relationship?

I’m unsure if I should use the points system to determine if the MC ends up with the Ll or not… or wether I leave it as an open choice.

My issue is some of the options that can “improve” the relationship really depend on how a reader views a situation… for example in a story I have read a while back you are already with someone who is a jerk. And you have the option to kiss the Ll, I decided not to, not because I didn’t like the Ll but because I was still in the relationship and it would make me a cheater… you never know how a story will pan out and if it effects the story (cheating)

for example for me as a real person I will often hide my feelings to avoid putting upset onto others… lets say the option was to tell the Ll what’s wrong or not. While the “tell them” would improve the relationship someone might feel hiding their feelings represents them more because like I say I don’t like to put my problems onto someone else…

I’m probably over thinking it lol but what do you prefer open ir points based


i feel that way too when there are points that affect the relationship with the LI. I like the points system for that reason. it’s nice to see your decisions impacting the storyline. it makes the story more immersive.

that’s how it works with choices that matter anyways.

To answer your question, yes you should. But try it out first, in a draft doc. See, how can you make the choice that either improves or decrease the relationship with the LI.


You can have both if you want to.
I’ve seen stories where you can choose at the end whether you want your points to determine your ending or whether you’d want to override it with a choice.


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