Should I use real pictures of a city for backgrounds?

In a story when the town/city is a real place, do you guys think I should use real pictures of the place or would it be ok to use a mixture of Episode backgrounds and pictures of the real town?


I’d say a mixture. Whenever I read stories that have realistic backgrounds it looks out of place, like it doesn’t fit with the character. This is just my opinion but, I’d definitely say mixture. Even though Limelight characters are meant to be realistic, they still have that look, y’know?

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It’s totally okay to use a mixture of backgrounds, especially since you won’t find everything you need for free, un-copyrighted online.

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Hey there! You can always try to use real photos but you can also cartoonize it yourself! You can use cartoon filters to match it on Limelight, Ink or Classic characters :slight_smile:

I’ll show you what I’ve done

Before using Cartoonize:



After using Cartoonize:

Illawara edit version 2