Should I/We do it?

Hiii. I am having all different ideas about a new story and I was wondering if I should create a new one inspired by the two shows called Lost and The 100. I am willing to change the plots or storyline depending on what the new would be. I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in being apart of the story e.g: Artists, coders, writers, people for intro/outro etc

For anyone who doesn’t know the shows, the gist is it s about multiple people kind of stranded/exploring new land that they don’t know/haven’t been there before. In the plot I was hoping to make other people in the place if we were to do something similar to this. Again I am flexible and is eager to mainly just write a new story!

  • The genres I’d like to work with are mainly drama, which is pretty flexible to work with and some romance/mystery as well.
  • The story will be in limelight (no negotiation)
  • You need to be active and have something to bring to the table
  • And I don’t have a certain number of people in mind. Lol I don’t rlly care how many even if 1.

Please PM me if you are interested into something like this.


Hi, if you’re still interested in writing a story like that i would like to do that.