Should I write a story in Ink or Linelight


So. I’m planning on writing an Episode story but I’m stuck between choosing Ink and Limelight. I do like Limelight, but I’m starting to see that the majority prefer Ink. WHAT DO I DO!?


You could get a feeling for both Limelight and ink, And which ever your heart says is right use that one, People are more than likely to be happy while reading when they see you have chosen to do which style you love :smile: x




you’re welcome :slight_smile: When you have wrote your story and have decided feel free to send me a link on here and i’ll check it out. You could check out mine if you like. Either way i’m happy :blush:


Sure, what’s your story called?

#6 thanks :grin:
What’s your story going to be about :slight_smile:, I’m new here and you’re the first person to reply :grinning: x


It’s about a young girl who’s very bored with her life until strange people appear whilst others dissappear and then secrets are uncovered.


It’s up to you. Think of which style would suit your story best. Personally, my favourite style is INK, but I don’t mind Limelight. :slight_smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Oh wow sounds like a good plot :grin: I’m excited to read it when you’re ready feel free as i said to send me a link across here. What did you think about mine ?


That story idea sounds cool! I’ll definitely read it when it’s out! :hugs:


Welcome to the Episode Forum Community! :blush:


Thank you :grin: I’m happy to see that this community is lovely always supporting each other it’s refreshing :relaxed:


No problem. They are really supportive and helpful! PM me if you ever need help with something. :wink:


Thank you very much i will :relaxed:, You could check out my story if you like, I’d be happy to check out one of yours :relaxed: x


I’ll check your story out now. My story is called Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future by Winter05. I’ll give you a little feedback too through PM and leave fanmail… if I remember lol. :smile:


Thank you :relaxed: I’ll look at yours now as well and give you feedback :grin: and i’ll leave you fanmail to :grinning: x


Your story is really good, young Florence is adorebes.


Thanks! :heart:


Thank you :relaxed: It means a lot, I can’t wait to be able to read yours :slight_smile: x


I honestly prefer Limelight, but you can always write in both