Should I write in limelight or ink?

I want to write a fantasy story. I actually began writing it as a novel a long time ago but I recently took the idea (or some elements of it) and found it may work nicely as an episode story. It involves a girl adopted by a goblin, a son of a woman who has lost her memory and the womans sister, a dark queen ruling the largest kingdom in the land of Arcane. It’s actually fun to think about and would definitely involve lots of art scenes, overlays, music etc…
Anyway my main issue is whether to write in limelight or ink. On the one hand limelight has more fantasy outfits and hair styles however on the other I’m used to ink and i could do some relatively okay art scenes for it, (If I couldn’t find anyone available to do it better lol). Please give a reason why Thx!! Xxxxxx
So whatdya think?

  • Limelight
  • Ink

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I am writing my fantasy adventure in limelight, the outfits are the main reason.


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