Should mafia stories trend as much as they do?

Okay so I was on the episode app and I couldn’t find any romance stories for real because the romance section is filled with mafia stories with toxic love interest so I decided to come on here and get y’all opinion on this… Do any of y’all think that toxic mafia love interests is romance?


Any relationship where one has power over the other is toxic. Toxicity isn’t romance.

Also you’ll probably have better luck finding good romances by looking up Episode authors on instagram. The best stories tend to have less reads.


Nope, but id you want recommendations, I have some :))

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I’ve tried that but I can’t seem to find any that has nothing to do with mafia.

Yes please!

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Not a fan. But they keep trending.


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Oh here’s a great one I think the story is called- The right path im not sure

Nah, here’re some good recommendations btw :)))

Tangled spells
Your Silhouette
Finding Sunshine
Crushing Steele
Think Twice
Future my love
My skater love
Barely mine
Between days and nights

Hii! I know some good romance stories that dont have mafia cliches. For example,

  • Envy by Cindy Gautlier
  • The Clumsy Super Girl by Marion
  • My Sister’s Crush by Melissa Lavone
  • Protect Me
  • Lifelike by Cindy Gautlier

ANd if you want, you can also check out my story “Queen B Diaries” :blush: It’s a high-school rom-com drama with a relationship between a Queen Bee and an unpopular guy …I tried to make it as unique as possible…hehe…
Hope you give these a try! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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it keeps trending more and more which makes it less unique nowadays, but they are still great ! :sparkles:

No :sparkling_heart:



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