Should MC have a scar or not?

Hello people, I am in the early stages of writing my first story and would love anyone’s opinion on the main character (who is a bit of a bad*ss haha)

Anyway… scar or no scar? (I can’t decide, especially seeing as she already has the scarred eyebrow but it is also very faint and adds some uniqueness to her, idkkkk help and comment below)

Also while you guys are here - do you think I will still get reads if I don’t add much customisation or choices? I just find it so complicated for my first story lol


Scar dudeee the scar looks badass and personally I would use customisation but I have read stories without it and it didn’t bother me to much. And with choices one of my favs stories has no choices anyway, that’s just my opinion though :woman_shrugging:


Thanks for replying! I think I will at least add choices, but the customisation is also a bit hard because a lot of the characters will describe her as my default character’s appearance if that makes sense aha :slight_smile:

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I think that she looks great with the scar!


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