Should my first story include CC or no CC?



I’ve written my story on Wattpad (it’s unpublished however), and I want to put it into an Episode story, however… I have a character planned: her personality, her weaknesses, etc. I have this strange inclination to make the character CC and you decide what type of person she is. I’ve read that people like no CC because the characters are planned and CC charaters are ‘shallow’. I think my story is lacking in diversity, and I think that CC will make other readers happy as well. I’m not sure what to do, since I also want to do overlays which will involve the skin tone of the main character. I hope all that made sense, haha. Anyway, please leave a reply, short or long! Thank you in advance.


I’d say no CC. It will better fit your character and her personality, plus if you want to use arms or hands or whatever as an overlay, it will be nice you know what color their skin is.


Like, I’m not trying to be sarcastic or rude or anything, but if you feel that your story is lacking diversity couldn’t you add more diverse characters, and have them be actually important to the story ( A handful a stories add diverse characters but tend to have them just be background characters.):sweat_smile:; and a lot of people usually have different opinions on CC.


Um, can I see the characters you made since you think you are lacking diversity?


If I were to choose CC, I would also let the character decide between girls/boys for their love interests, and I would also let them choose the way their character acts, so it’ll be good for everyone since they get to decide the character’s actions.


Can you send the pictures of your characters so I can see. It might not be as harmful or bad as you think


I’ll have to send them later since I’m not home at the moment.