Should my story be in the romance genre or LGBTQ+ genre?

I have a story that has a female protagonist who is a lesbian, and throughout the story, she is in a relationship with a bisexual female. The story is primarily about the protagonist getting her girlfriend to enjoy theatre again (to keep their relationship in good condition) after an incident that happened in the past made her no longer enjoy it. This story is currently categorized as a romance story. Should I keep this story in the romance genre or should I move it to the LGBTQ+ genre?

  • Keep it in the romance genre
  • Move it to the LGBTQ+ genre

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Are there any other LGBTQ+ elements other than the MC and LI being lesbian and bisexual? You don’t need to move it to the LGBTQ+ genre if there isn’t. It mainly focuses on romance, right?

It mainly focuses on romance. There are 5 characters in the main cast and 4 of them identify as LGBTQ+.

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Oops! I pressed the wrong option. I think you should keep it in romance. Even if there are LGBTQ+ aspects, you’re focusing on romance.

Like, if you have an action story where the main character is non-binary and pansexual, it still makes sense to keep it in the action genre in my opinion.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to present your story.


You can always change your vote by clicking on “Show vote” then clicking another option.

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Then keep it in the Romance genre because it mainly focuses on Romance.

I think keep it in romance, as the story doesn’t revolve around her being LGBTQ+

Thank you to everyone who commented and/or voted on the poll. It looks like there are some mixed feedback, but (as of when I typed this reply) it’s slightly favored towards moving my story to the LGBTQ+ genre (based on the poll). So, within the next couple of days, my story will likely be moved to the LGBTQ+ genre.

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I think you should move it. I’m sure it’d be a lot easier to reach people who want to read LGBTQ+ if it were in that category, since romance is filled with mafia and such stories. If I were looking for a story with an LGBTQ+ MC I’d go to the LGBTQ+ genre, not romance. It’s a lot harder to find these type of stories in the romance section, which is probably one of the reasons the LGBTQ+ shelf was created in the first place. Hope this helped! :blob_hearts:

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