'should my story have character customization?

hi !
so im currently writing a ink story and debating whether or whether or not my story should have customization, in the past i use to strictly not read stories without cc however lately that has changed. if i do decide to add it in it choices will be limited to stay true to their characters, i just feel like i were to add it in it would take away a part of my characters identity, if that makes sense. i just want my readers to have the best experience they can ! please help a girlie out (:

what do you think of cc in stories ?

  • i adore it !
  • not the biggest fan
  • i honestly couldnt care less

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I don’t mind customization but it is a bit annoying when I can completely create my own character that looks almost identical to someone else. If a story has customization I’ll probably change one or two things that I really don’t like. Other than that, it’s usually the same character. If a story doesn’t have customization I feel kinda relieved that I don’t have to spend 10 minutes just making a character. Also I really dislike it when the author used customization as an excuse for a short chapter. I mean, come on, there are a bunch of templates that you can use!


honestly if you have custom poses in your story n want your characters to stay true to self, i wouldnt suggest doing it.


@Skyler2 @eilyk thanks for the advice (: <3


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