Should people be notified if someone gets banned?

I think that we should be told if a user gets banned, because there have been friends of mine waiting for weeks for a response from a friend of mine who got banned, and we had to try to find them by joining loads of other forum and hunting around for them.

I think it would save everyone time if there was a banned users thread where a mod could simply post the username, that’s all it would require.


in private message but i dont think they will discuss about it. Im just guessing.


I don’t really like the idea of other people becoming aware of who gets banned. I feel like some people would rather keep it to themselves than have everyone know. If I was banned, I honestly wouldn’t tell anyone.

Also, having a thread of banned users just seems humiliating to me ngl. It’s kinda like a name and shame (like where hospitality businesses who break a law/regulation are named on a website).

Finally, I just don’t think it’s anyone else’s business to talk about who’s been banned. It’s exactly why people who are being banned are messaged privately. It’s nothing for the whole world to see.


A whole thread for people who were banned would be sad…
But maybe there should be an automated message for each PM they were in to notify the other person that they won’t get a reply anymore. Or maybe an emoji next to the username (like birthday/anniversary already has) which shows that the user was banned could be a good idea :thinking::eyes::sparkles:


Each suspended user has a note on their profile page stating that they have been suspended :astonished: . The best plan of action regarding suspended users not getting back to you…just look at their profile. If it say’s they are suspended then chances are that they will get back to you once the temporary suspension is over or they will never get back to you via the forums since the account is permanently suspended. Either way the best way to tell if a user is suspended or not is by looking at their forum profile. Thanks all :v:


I agree. I would be a bit embarrassed if on a thread someone said: @UnicornPlayz.Episode was banned!


Continue following the forum rules and you won’t have to worry about this :wink:


To me it’s really not necessary.
I think it will bring more attention to those that get banned in a negative way. I personally will be very embarrassed. If I get banned I think it’s my business. No need notifying the whole community about it.


Definitely not a good idea to publicly announce who’s suspended it’s a little embarrassing for that user I’d hate it if they publicly announced I was suspended.


I am just dumbfounded about what a person has to do in order to get banned/suspended from the forum. How does one put themselves in that position???


But what can we do if someone has their profile hidden? You can’t see if they’re suspended or not in that case :sweat_smile::green_heart:

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Maybe if the Forums team like looked over your interactions with the person and if they were important, many, or needed to be finished (like an art trd or something) they could send u a pm