Should sign language be a second language option at school?

What do you guys think, we had no choice but to learn French, which I had no intrest in nor have I ever used it. However I used to work as a 1-2-1 support worker in a nursery and some of the children I supported were unable to talk so we used early signing (a bit like makaton)

Which I love!!! It’s amazing to see how they could pick up on it and use it to communicate some of their needs and wants.

I wish I had the option to lean this at school. I use it a lot and I see a lot of people who are hearing impaired but I’ve never used the little French I learnt.

What do you guys think?


When I was in high school we had the options of:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • ASL
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Sounds like a great idea!
It would be so much more useful! Communicating with deaf people, ‘A Quiet Place’ coming true etc… (the important stuff)


In my area there is an extreme shortage of people who speak sign language and there are scarce services aiding hard of hearing individuals in an otherwise hearing world. This was all told to me by my ASL professor who is a full time professor, an interpreter, and a mother of three kids. She’s working constantly and tirelessly because she loves what she does and she wants to help demystify the deaf community and their culture. I can only imagine the load would be lifted if we were taught the language and culture in school.

Not only would adding it to the curriculum allow people to be better informed about the language, but it would also lessen the gap of miscommunication and discrimination of deaf individuals in a lot of walks of life.

I only really noticed this when my mother was able to communicate with a hard of hearing worker who was being yelled at by a customer because she couldn’t quite understand what she was asking for. The woman was so grateful to her for aiding her, but just think if we had learned the basics of sign then people would not only be more sensitive to these kinds of situations(then again people can assholes about anything), but they would maybe even be able to communicate on a basic level. At least. In addition, instances like this can put a deaf worker’s job in jeopardy and prevent them from gaining the same opportunities because employers would be less likely to hire them.

I started learning sign language by choice using YouTube recently but learning it in school would be so much better! I’d much rather take a GSCE course in BSL than in French.

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I had to take German for 5 years at school, 3 years later I’ve forgotten almost all of it. However, at a level I did take a course of sign language which was much more enjoyable and helpful. At my part time job we have a regular customer who is deaf, I’m able to sign to her sometimes and it’s made her much happier than anyone I’ve ever spoke German to. I think it should be optional.

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100% yes

I think it should! We only have
~ Japanese
~ Maori
~ French

mm maybe… I mean it would be a lot more helpfull I learnt frech for 2 years and I only remember: bonjour , J’ M’apelle Minoesje
I don’t even think that is right but whatever the point is french was always quit useless for me because those people can also speak english… then what would you choose first? BUT! I also don’t really see why I would need to learn signing…

Personally, I love France, I learnt French when I was at school and I also like this language. I was there as an exchange student and I must say that If I will ever move house I’m certain I will move to France. Their food is great, I like free Wednesdays :smiley: and I also think that french people are very kind, friendly and easy going. And lastly, they have the sea there. But well, if you don’t intend on travelling there, it’s not usefull at all.

Definitely as an option. If it was compulsory, people would be saying exactly what you’re saying now about sign language. Probably even more so because there aren’t the same options to search for fluent speakers of sign language as there are French or another spoken language

Lol I agree with most of this, but as someone who visits France frequently and is half French, I wouldn’t say they’re that kind. In fact, as soon as they hear my English accent when speaking French, most Parisians in particular will tut, sigh and switch to English as if I’m forcing them to. @ShanniiWrites has come to France with me and she’s pretty much fluent in French too but if she makes so much as a pronunciation mistake, people will be down on her correcting her.

I love France, but I don’t think they’re any more kind or polite than any other people there.

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I had a feeling that they appreciate that I’m trying to speak French instead :smile: , dunno maybe it was just mine impression.

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