Should the First Episode Be a Backstory?

So I’m writing the first episode for my story. I’ve got a good idea about what I want it to be about (like the main plot and scenes), but I’m not sure how I want to write my first episode.

I want to include a backstory because it’s set in a dystopian type world and without one, the readers will probably get confuzzled. However, idk if this should be the main idea of the first episode or how long this backstory should be.

Any advice? What do you look for in a GOOD first episode? :thinking:

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I’m writing my first story as well and I’m trying this approach. If you don’t wanna go that route fully you can always reference the background information in flashbacks and play with time.


It can include a backstory, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in it.

This is what I follow when writing a first chapter/episode:

World Building - What world does your MC live in? What are the social standards? Show this to the reader.

Character Setup - Who are your characters? How do they interact with each other? What do they have to give to the story? Be sure to have their personality show.

Relationships - If there is any friendships or relationships with people or family, make sure to include it.

And another thing is to include mystery. Don’t just share every little secret of a character or make it easy for the reader to predict what will happen in the plot.


I wrote it my first story is Because of Dairy, please watch it and tell me how is this?

Sure! I’ll try watching it tmrw if I’m not busy, and then I’ll get back to you! :wink: