Should the genre be mystery or action? + Some stories should change their genre

What do you think should it be in the mystery genre or action genre?

Some stories should change their genre
I think some stories to change their genre because it doesn’t even match.
(BIG WARNING: You are about to hear honest opinions from me and sometimes it can sound rude :sweat_smile:))
Okay first of all, when a thriller story looks like a romantic story or the story description sounds like it I think they shouldn’t have put it there, It can be fantasy like the story “Oh my ghost!” It doesn’t even look or sound like a HORROR STORY! this at least should be in the fantasy or romance catergory the description makes me feel that way. and here’s another example like route to murder 1 and 2. I have read them both. I honestly think they both should be on the mystery side because it has that tone where it shows where your trying to find a - Just read the desc please. But number 1 has its thriller flaws with showing me jump scares already (tbh it doesn’t scare me, And i get scared if it gets too silent.) Oh, and its just not these two stories there’s plenty more. Honestly what’s your opinion on it?

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Judging by the looks of the cover, I think it fits with mystery depending on your description. There will be action in your story of course. So, it all depends on your description, so I think it should be mystery.

But if your description doesn’t like sound mysterious then your story would be action.

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