Should there be a story based on Heathers?


I kind of want Episode Interactive to make a story adapting the film Heathers. Emphasis on ‘kind of’. While I would enjoy a story like that, they might screw it up and make it so JD is alive and starts dating the MC instead of Veronica (ugh)
Or, it could be taking place during the movie (but for god’s sake DO NOT HAVE THE MC REPLACE VERONICA.)
What are your thoughts on a Heathers-based story? I don’t really think they’ll do it since Heathers isn’t too popular, but I’d like one, given that it isn’t too cliche.


Heathers is one of my favorite movies/musicals, so definitely a hard no. Given the current state of featured stories, I highly doubt Episode would be able to adapt a story with such heavy themes (the entire plot is about students being murdered and JD trying to blow up the school, for crying out loud) without completely messing it up and missing its original point. Seriously, just try not to tell me they wouldn’t romanticize JD because he’s the most extreme kind of “bad boy” they’re so obsessed with romanticizing so much.

And to put it extremely lightly, it’d also be bad PR for Episode, an app with readers as young as 12 and 13, to feature a story like Heathers in today’s current environment where school shootings are a very real and serious problem. If, and it’s a very big if, they ever tried to adapt it, I’d certainly hope they’d hire an entirely new writer who would actually handle the story with appropriate tact.


Yeah, you are right. It would probably turn out as good as the 2018 reboot (thank god it was cancelled)
Still, I would like to see Episode designs for the Heathers characters. Or a community story based on or inspired by Heathers.


For God’s sake, don’t even give them the idea.


LMAO! True though, so true.


I love Heathers, but it is not for children’s eyes LOL


If In My Bed can exist, anything can.