Should we have a national Vine Day on Forums? * DISCUSSION *

If you have or haven’t heard there’s this app called “Vine” and you recorded yourself doing funny stunts to recognize you. Most of were young celebs got their fame from. If you haven’t come across a YouTube video with the word “VIne” or even “Clean VInes”, then oou sis you need to get a life, or even become a Vine Sister. In my opinion I think we should have a national day for the app we lost and mourn it’s death. If you do agree I think we should have one day where people express or quote their favorite Vines on the forums, and maybe even have a pfp Vine edit?? Hmm? Do you agree w/ this statement, comment below your ideas!

This an idea that just came into my head ://

yes, vine shall live on for as long as possible

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For real real :DDD

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