Should you turn a blind eye to your story & characters being owned by episode and continue to write, and enjoy the people reading it or?

HI I’ve been on episode since 2017, I’m not trying to upset anyone (so don’t be offended please) but I really wanted to make a story episode for a long time. I’ve had ideas & ideas about what I want to write (Even now),But I am So afraid of my stories & characters being owned by somebody else & if I go to another platform, they might try to claim its there’s.
I had one of my parents (and me) look the TOS over and they and me both agree that it sounds like episode owns your story & characters. Its really sad, I’ve read so many great and awesome stories on here! and I would like to do the same but from what I’ve been reading on the forums a lot of stories are getting banned without the persons knowledge, and that’s not nice. So I’ll continue to support others creators on here and read there stories, but I’m just sad and Discouraged. What are your thoughts?


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I’m not an author, but been reading a long time on the app. As far as I am aware, the only stories and characters episode could own of an author , are if they commissioned you to write an original story for them.
If an author leaves the app, they can delete their stories, so no one can access anymore.
If episode removes a story for violation reasons, they still don’t own it…
I’m not sure what in what context you think they own it, I know authors wrote stories and then put the same story on spotlight app too, episode cant stop you doing that


Thanks Stormsky I just wanted to be sure :heart:

The story and characters only belong to Episode if your Community story is featured. When I say ‘featued’ I mean in a way that you’ve either rewritten your story a bit, or you’ve written the story exclusively because it was commissioned by Episode. Assets, however, obviously are owned by the company. Either way, even if Episode did own everything on the app, it wouldn’t degrade any good stories on here.

So yes, to answer your question- you should continue to write and read. However if you’re not comfortable, there’s an infinite amount of stories, and an infinite amount of apps.

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Thanks EccleSiaste_BookPage :heart:

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You’re welcome!

Were you maybe referring to authors that had their stories taken down without author being warned, for violations episode deemed the story had? In that case the author should still have access to their story in the portal … usually stories are only completely lost if the author deletes their episode acc and leaves for good.
I’m not sure if episode can delete your account though.,?which would probably mean you can’t get access to the portal and your story if that’s the case.
It would have to be a serious violation for them to do that though
I do recall a few yrs ago ,an author and her stories were removed from app due to plagiarism and apparently racist comments

Yeah, I got a little scared when I read about some authors getting there stories being taken down.

The only thing that Episode owns is the version of the story you put on it’s platform using their assets. The IP (intellectual property) such as characters and the story itself belong to you. This is why multiple people have taken a story the wrote on Episode, then turned around and self-published a prose version of it themselves. This is how it works for most authors.

The only difference is when you are commissioned by Episode to make a story specifically for them. I’ve never had this happen to me, so I’m not sure as to all the details of the contract such authors sign in these cases, but I imagine that those stories and the IP that goes with them likely belongs to Episode.

The important bit is that if you’re just a regular author looking to put a story up on Episode, your IP rights remain intact. Incidentally, this is the only reason I’m still on Episode. Every other storytelling app that allows users to publish their own stories, that I’ve come across anyways, has some language buried in their terms and conditions designed to screw you out of your IP rights. So, you’re right to be cautious and read the T&C carefully.

Thanks SilverLady :heart: I read some of your comments on another Topic and I checked out some of your stories. I’m Really inspired by you and other Episode authors to write my own!:two_hearts::two_hearts:

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That’s really kind of you to say, thank you very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart: Good luck with your story!