Hey ! :blush::blush:
Welcome to forums
Omg :hushed::hushed::hushed: @Ale7


Thanks :slight_smile: really i need friends at this time haha


Yeah sure @Ale7
I and @kaju would love to be your friends
If you want to know any basics about forums
I will pm you .


yes thank you, my doubt is that I do not know how to look for people😅


@Ale7 you can mostly find people on threads if u don’t know anyone .
Thread is the post .


Hello I’m back lol!

@Ale7 Nice to meet you! :smile:






ok lets have a quick intro i am kajal i am 19 years old …and… i am from india (delhi).


Hello I’m going into sweeet 16 ~ And I’m from Malaysia!

My best friend’s sister is studying in India! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


great…what is she studying…


Hmm :thinking::thinking:

I forgot.


I’ll get to you on that again later lol :sweat_smile:

Are you still in school? Or going into college?


nope i am in college studying medicine(mbbs)…


Oh, are you going to be a pharmacist? I’m not sure on what to pursue…

Next year I’ll need to choose a suitable class on what I’m interested in. I think I want to choose a science class. But I definitely don’t want to get in account class…

Wish me luck! I can only get into science class if I got good grades this year…


firstly nope doctor
secondly your system is very similar to india and best of luck too
i love bio a lot


so what is your aim?


Oohh I’m scared to be a doctor cause all the movies about zombies and I thought,

what if one day, a patient came in with a new virus that makes you crazy sick and there’s no cure??

(yeah i have a lot of imagination lol)

I kinda want to be a scientist ~ I like finding more informations and doing experiments. I also like drawing comics and writing haha. My mother told me to pursue something other than writing then maybe starts writing as a second work…


thats great i like painting and drawing …
scientist is awesome…in which field agri or space


Now that you ask that, I really should do research about scientist fields.
Thank you for opening my eyes haha :smile:


Thats ok happy to help…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes::wink: