Shoutout for a shoutout on Instagram - Promote your story

Hey. I really wanna promote my newest story but unfortunately I don’t have the time for R4R and I’ve heard this is the next best way! Where I’ll give your story a shoutout on my Instagram story along with tagging you in it and you do the same so we both get out story out there more!
If your interested let me know. Just leave your story name and Instagram name below and I’ll do it ASAP and hopefully you will also do it for mine.

Title - Trapped in the Shadows
Author name - Zoe
Style - LL
Genre - Drama/romance
Description - Hailee has be Trapped in the shadows for most of her life, trying to survive the cruel fate the world has placed on her but will that all change when she meets HIM?
Episodes - 5
Instagram - @Zoe.A_writes
Link -
Cover -

Here’s my story details


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