Show a scene that you’re proud of!

Hello there!:heart:

It can be hard to find good stories only based on covers and descriptions alone.
It would be amazing if this thread could give writers an opportunity to give readers a little “peak” into their story.

Post some screenshots of a scene that you’re proud of here.
It could be that it’s:
-Well directed

Please follow this setup, to avoid mess:

  1. Short sentence about the story and the name of it.

  2. Short explanation (if needed), to understand the scene you’re going to show.

3. Screenshots that you can hide like this. (So people won't be bombarded with pictures)


If it’s still unclear, here’s an example:


Hey everyone! I have a story called “Blah blah blah”. It’s a comedy about a girl becoming a chair.

In the scene I am going to show you, you will see Friend1 try to turn the MC into a rug. They recently had a fight, and Friend1 holds grudges. I chose this scene because I find it emotionally deep.

Blah blah blah screenshots

As beautiful as this example is, I am sorry to inform you that this story does not exist.

Yet.:wink: (JK)

Really looking forward to see some cool scenes!:grin:


Hi! My story is called Relentless
I’d really appreciate if anybody check it out. Thanks!




Ooo interesting!
Why did you choose that scene in particular?
And what is the story about?

Hi, I’m Ren and I write All That Remains…

Description - Will Lily be able to save the lives of herself and her people on a planet that was almost completely destroyed by an asteroid impact over 400 years ago? (Full CC) (M/F LI) (Ink)


I’m really proud of this scene because of the emotions I was able to convey in it. It was about a time where only certain people were chosen to survive in a bunker after an asteroid impact. This was the scene where they had to part with their loved ones and I think I did a decent job showing what that might look like.


Also, this happened when I was trying to take screenshots… so… yeah :joy:

Link -


I wasn’t really sure which scene to choose to be honest, but I publish that chapter recently so…:joy:
Description of Relentless: Leah and Xavier were abandoned on The Island as babies. Together, they try to figure out why. Along the away, they discover even more than they ever could have anticipated.


Oh, and now he’s going back to that island! Sounds super interseting. Might even end up taking a look.
Good luck and keep writing your story. :blush:

I’m super proud about how good and cute the scene looks!



Wow, yes. You really did a good job conveing the emotions of such a tragic happening. The lovers saying goodbye and parents parting with their child :cry:
Hope everything goes well for Granny Jane!
Post-apocalyptic stories can be really difficult to write, but if done right, they are can be absolutely epic.
From the little I have seen, it seems like your story would be one of them. Good luck on your writing journey!

Your extra picture though lol! That would’ve changed the story a bit :joy:

I really love the flowery, young, inncent vibe this gives me.:blush:
Nalani and Trish are so cute! I haven’t seen a story with a transgender LI yet, so that’s very exiting.
Ah, and finally an MC that actually find things like science interesting. Been looking for a story like this!

Good luck with the contest and keep writing!

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You’re finally entering one? So excited and super proud. I’m rooting for yah all the way! :purple_heart:


Thank you so much!

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Thanks so much for your kind words! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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Thanks @TamiRose. I know I can always count on you for support love you :heart_eyes::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:

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Hey everyone, these are my screenshots from my story “Remember Me.” It’s a scene that’s very introspective for my main characters as they are facing the difficult choice to replace each other’s memories of one another with different ones. This scene is the beginning of them grappling with that tough decision, which is why I chose it. :blush:


Story’s Link:


This is for my story, Falling Rain (for the K&T contest, ergo, not yet out).



I’m trying to make it emotional, but not make the person become their disease. River, his best friend, has cancer, but nobody has mentioned it. I want my characters to not be perfect, not have perfect, rich lives.


This looks very touching and the use of overlays and filters, really gives it that Memory Vibe! It looks so amazing!


Oh my gosh thank you so much :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::see_no_evil:

The overlays were such a hassle to direct in this scene but it’s also my favorite for that reason too! Thank you again darlin! :black_heart:


Hey, this looks amazing, but there are a ton of stories with that name, can you maybe add the link?


Thank you so much!! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: You have good point! I’m going to add it to my post now thanks for pointing that out! :blush:

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Oh my gosh your splash looks soooo cute and such high quality! And that first screenshot is so cute! I love that background :heart_eyes:

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