Show me your pet(s)?

It’s as the title says, show me your beloved pet(s)!

Breed, if applicable:
Your favourite memory with them:

I’ll start. I have 3 dogs, but I’ll post my oldest and bestest buddy.

Name: Toby.
Age: 13.
Breed, if applicable: Jack Russell.
Your favourite memory with them: When I came home after surgery, he never left my side and actually had to be forced outside to take care of his business, lol. He would zoom back upstairs to me and sneeze angrily at me, as if to say “How dare you make me leave you!”.


Name: Mya
Mirotic shepherd dog.
Around 2yrs
Rescue Romanian street dog.
Had her 3 months. This was shelter pic of her.
She still pretty scared of us, can’t stroke her…
but wags her tail now at me


Have to mention Loki
Alaskan malamute
Died 9 months ago, just before his 5th birthday…
The reason we rescued and have Mya now.
Goofy, stubborn, demanding and full of love and fun.


Adorable! I’m glad Mya feels she is able to express some sort of joy to you now (wagging tail). Beautiful eyes, too. :blob_hearts:

I’m very sorry to hear about Loki’s passing, what a gorgeous boy. :black_heart:

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Name: Lead (named after a dog my dad had in his childhood.) I nicknamed him big man because he’s huge lmao.

Age: Around a year old.

Breed, if applicable: German Shepherd/Akita

Your favourite memory with them: Kinda not sure, maybe the time I was walking around upstairs and just caught him chilling in the bed when no one’s around? (I tried to get him to sleep on the bed with me but he’ll only lay there until he wants to sleep.) Or maybe when he looked wayyy more like a puppy because he was sooo cute.

Name: Luna, nicknamed Tuna/Luna Tuna/Nuna/The fish, etc.

Age: Same as Lead, they’re siblings and there’s a third one too but I don’t have any pictures rn.

Breed, if applicable: German Shepherd/Akita

Your favourite memory with them: Maybe the time Kitty (our cat) started attacking her leash and he started walking her? :joy: It was adorable to watch. Tuna is definitely the most photogenic out of her siblings lol.


What cuties! :black_heart: I love the way Luna’s looking at Kitty in the last photo. :joy:

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They absolutely adore all cats, they don’t seem to understand that for the most part it is not mutual. :rofl:

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Aw, bless! My 2 Jack Russells just bark at cats, whilst my youngest dog (XL Bully) studies them. :joy: :black_heart:

Kisa, 3 years old

Witira, 3 years old

I’ve had Kisa since she was a kitten and Witira since she was a few months old, my favourite memory would be when Witira finally cuddled with me and Kisa for the first time. (She despised us at first)


Beautiful cats! I love Kisa’s big eyes. :black_heart:

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kisa is so cute what breed is she? she looks like a british shorthair

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For some reason it’s not letting me put a picture but just imagine a white and brown spotted gsp. She’s so cute I wish I could show you :confused:

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She does sound very cute! What’s her name? :smiling_face:

Here’s another one of my dogs!

Name: Bella.
Age: 10.
Breed, if applicable: Jack Russell.
Your favourite memory with them: It sounds awful, but read carefully. I was driving through a city that has a big population of black people and Bella hadn’t seen people of colour before. She was growling at every black person she saw through the car windows and I was honestly mortified. I kept telling her to stop, but she continued. I decided to try and trick her instead. I told her “They have treats, Bellaboo!”. She stopped growling and instead started to wag her tail. :joy: She’s now fine with any person, as long as they’re willing to give her attention/belly rubs!

I think it’s because you’re still classified as a basic user! If you spend some time on the forums you’ll be able to send a picture :slight_smile:

I have two dogs!
Names: Eddie and Izzy (Izzy is the lighter one)
Ages: 6 & 7, Eddie is older but they’re siblings from different timed litters.
Breed: Pomchi (chihuahua and pomeranian)
Favourite Memory: Honestly, every minute I spend with them is my favourite. They are the light of my life and my reason to keep going. I love my babies so much <3


Awwww, their little faces. :blob_hearts: Beautiful!

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Thank you!!! And I have no idea what breed she is, she was a kitten off the street and the vet just labeled her a shorthair on her paperwork :sweat_smile:

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oh my gosh they are so cute! i love cats so much :face_holding_back_tears:

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omgggg you was chosen by the cat distribution system how lucky :sob::sob::sob:
but she does look like a brown british shorthair
and i’m glad you found her ik tht cat is very happy with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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