Show the #EpisodeLove this February!



G’day everyone! How smick are these new forums? Love it!

Anyway, I thought I’d kick off ‘general chat’ in the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a big old I LOVE YOU GUYS to everyone who considers themselves a part of the Episode community.

In particular I want to shout out to Farah, Kiki, Bellz, Tara, Laura, and all my other Episode friends who I chat with on Instagram. :purple_heart:

Let’s show the love this month of Feb in this thread, give a shout out to your own Episode BFFs and let them know how much they matter to you.

Don’t have any Episode BFFs? Introduce yourself here, say hello! You never know, a new Episode friendship could be just around the corner :heart_eyes:


Thanks for starting this thread! I want to give shouts out to Andrea, LB, Ross, Momma G (aka Gisele Palmer), Gen, and Brittany (aka BB)! Love y’all so much!


Yay! I love so many people on Episode but the Episode BFFs gotta be Kay, Shanie, Ebz & Sarah because I bother them the most! :joy:


Okay! I have lots of love on Episode and why not share it here! I don’t know anyone’s usernames on this new forum and I’ll just write names.

The lovely Knitters come first. Amanda Michele, Antika, Anya R., Jessica Swift, Kate Island, Kose, thank you for many months of support, advice and just being there for me.

And some other amazing ladies that make my days brighter: Nebula, Gally, Elle Jay, Ruby, Moon, May Lisa and everyone I’m talking to on Instagram, your presence is mood-lifting and healing!


Shoutout to my episode sissies Gisele Palmer, Gen, Mette <3 Also, @Scotti
plus so many other amazing authors I wish I could tag but they’re not on here yet, lol!


Went ahead and moved this to Episode Fan Community as it fits better in that category. Important to keep in mind, for everyone, all Episode related topics belong in the correct Episode category while non Episode related discussion goes in Gen chat! Thanks and please don’t take this as a warning or anything. It’s gonna take a bit for all of us to get use to our new and awesome home!


So much love for you too! And all those you mentioned <3


Ummm…Hi I,m pretty new to the episode author/instagram and forum community but been reading stories from the platform for about 3 years. So I’m friendless :pensive::confused::sob: But hey this is what the forum is for right?

And yes i did have mini convos with some creators but not really…


Heeeeeey Scotti! Thanks!


OMG! yes! @stephp99, @Purple_Ghost, @Lady-Mehek, @Cristy and I guess those are my besties here, lol! :heart_eyes:

Lol I just updated after like two months, but I just realized I spelt the name wrong lol :joy: Sorry Cris :+1:


I’m just seeing this thread, that’s why I’m posting 24 days later. But if you (and anyone else) want we have a thread making chat on Discord: .


Awe look at ghost being super nice just like she did to me, but do they regret ME now?!:sob:

Lol, I’ve gotta separate my true self from here, or everyone will see my true colors lol😂




Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: