Show us your.... Love interests?

dIt’s 5 AM so I’m sleep deprived (I haven’t slept yet loll) and came up with this idea to have a love interest tinder type thing. Basically you put your LI in ur post along with all the images of art/edits/ what your character looks like, write them a tinder bio type thing or just really tell us who they are. Not your story, not their story, but their personality. A bit of backstory is okay.
(Pls use hide details for pictures)

Y’all this probably will flip but I’m going first :relieved::white_heart:
I have three LI in my story kinda and this is my favorite his name is Grimm and he is the grim reaper :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m typing this now and not spelling anything correctly bc of my sleepiness but I must post this before I pass out lols

Images of my bae


IM GETTING ART FROM A AMAZING ARTIST OF HIM IM SO EXCITD :smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

THE JAWLINE :face_with_hand_over_mouth::white_heart::sob::two_hearts:

I will be thirsting over your love interests btw

Pls for the love of God don’t make them all men tho

Im done now good nightmorningwhatever


Is this a story your writing !? :flushed: I’m really interested in reading this! I have never heard of a story like this and I’m for it :raised_hands:t4:

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My unpublished story has povs from both characters so I’m not sure who qualifies as “LI” so here are both my characters


Name: Phileas “Phil” Andre
Birthdate: 24th January 1953 (The story settles in 1974 so he would be 21 years old)
Occupation: Detective


Name: Renee Kassia
Birthdate: 21st July 1953 (The story settles in 1974 so that would make her 21 years old)
Occupation: Detective

Edits and art

Cover by @/v.h_episode

Art by @/Summi


Yeah! It’s called They Call Him Death by Kinsley :white_heart:

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My story has five two female and three male. my story is called scorn heir


Hideo is lord, 19 years old. artist. he loves dogs and the color red.
Also his fiance just died.

Alec is a royal guard. 22 year old. in his free time he often trains especially with swords or arrows. he also has his own horse.

Manu is a wizard. and is 23 year old. and favorite color is green
His life moto is Evry problem can be solved with some alochol


Fayola, is a royal advice. and is 21
She loves a good book, and is a dog lover

Vilina works as a maid at the royal castle. she is 20 years old.
She speaks Hindi. and is a morning person.


Ouu I can’t wait to read this! :raised_hands:t4:

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Art scene of them together in episode 8

Art done by @ChocolateCheeze

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I love this! Will feature my story’s LI anon (I’m too lazy to make an edit of them right now lmao). But I will say that they are a legend.


Avenge Me story

Dulce MC


Dulce a heartless person lost someone who she love with her heart. Dulce a single mother.
Dulce Moreno
Dulce race: Mexican/Hispanic
Dulce age: 23
Dulce height: 5’5
Dulce pronouns: She/Her
Dulce sexuality: it unknown
Dulce job: looking for her revenge who kill her mother.
Dulce she is a human but you will find out about Dulce Moreno in season 3 of her story about something :relaxed:

Dulce love interest


Abraham dulce first love interest. Abraham charming person care about this family and friends. Abraham care about Dulce.
Abraham Jones Johnson Wilson
Abraham race: White
Abraham age: 23
Abraham height: 6’7
Abraham pronouns: He/Him
Abraham sexuality: straight
Abraham job: I don’t know yet haha
Abraham he is a human


Lenny a heartless person he lost two people he loved the most. Lenny is the second love interest of Dulce. Lenny & Dulce were best friends when they both were little.
Lenny Hernandez
Lenny race: Mexican/Hispanic
Lenny age: 24
Lenny height: 6’7
Lenny pronouns: He/Him
Lenny sexuality: straight
Lenny job: secret agent looking for this revenge who kill this family.
Lenny he is a vampire

Key To My Heart sequel

Catalina MC

Catalina bio loved her family and friends she have a crush on Christopher for a long time since when they were a little kids. Catalina is always sassy with loyal because they’re trying to build a relationship siblings bond. :relaxed:
Catalina daughter of Dulce Moreno & Francisco Winter
Catalina Luna Moreno
Catalina nickname: Cata
Catalina sibling: half sister of Loyal
Catalina race: Hispanic/Mexican/White
Catalina age: 24
Catalina height: 5’5
Catalina pronouns: She/Her
Catalina sexuality: straight
Catalina job: secret agent, model.
Catalina she is a human

Christopher love interest of Catalina

Christopher is amazing person always their for this family and friends loving person he in loved with Catalina.
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher nickname: Chris
Christopher race: Mexican/Hispanic/White
Christopher age: 24
Christopher height: 6’7
Christopher pronouns: He/Him
Christopher sexuality: straight
Christopher job: business owners.
Christopher he is human

Gabriella best friend of Catalina & Christopher

Gabriella best friends of Catalina and Christopher she loved her family and friends but always loved being with Catalina :relaxed: Loved loyal.
Gabriella Belinda Wilson
Gabriella nickname: Gabi
Gabriella race: Hispanic/Mexican/White
Gabriella age: 22
Gabriella height: 5’5
Gabriella pronouns: She/Her
Gabriella sexuality: straight
Gabriella job: secret agent, model.
Gabriella she is a vampire

Loyal love interest of Gabriella

Loyal is trying to build a relationship siblings bond with Catalina. Loyal loved Gabriella.
Loyal Winter son of Francisco Winter & Luciana
Loyal Winter
Loyal sibling: half brother of Catalina
Loyal race: White
Loyal age: 24
Loyal height: 6’7
Loyal pronouns: He/Him
Loyal sexuality: straight
Loyal old job: mafia .
Loyal new job: secret agent
Loyal he is half vampire half human

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Dw you don’t need art, I just mean put them and I’d you have any edits or art of them put it too

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Arne the skinny legend


Arne was so adorable! :blush: I loved them!


Arne stans rise now :relieved:


He’s the would-be love interest if I do end up publishing.


Kallisto Velnore. I’m really contemplating making him blonde.


I love Arne lol

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I forgot to post my other story :rofl::sob::relaxed:
Piece Of Your Heart sequel story part 2 of Avenge Me story

Devon MC


Devon a heartless person stop loving in love after what’s happen to Dulce life. Devon love interest is Esteban.
Devon Winter
Devon race: White
Devon age: 24
Devon height: 5’5
Devon pronouns: She/Her
Devon sexuality: straight
Devon job: business, fashion model owner.
Devon she is a human

Devon love interest


Esteban Devon love interest only. Esteban charming person care about this friends. Esteban care about Devon. Esteban a little heartless. People call Esteban the devils in Spanish El diablo
Esteban Garcia
Esteban race: Hispanic/Mexican
Esteban age: 24
Esteban height: 6’7
Esteban pronouns: He/Him
Esteban sexuality: straight
Esteban job: business owners.
Esteban he is a human

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Forgot I had an edit of them together, I’ll put information about them down below too


Haley: 18 yrs old, royal princess soon to be queen if she accepts her mate and corrects her actions towards witches. First and last tribrid
Ace: 18 yrs old, became alpha at age 15 (parents were murdered), mated to Haley. Doesn’t like the way she treats people and is her challenge to get the throne. They may have to rule together or she may end up killing him


I love Arne :laughing: :laughing: