SHOWER background?


Does anyone know where I can get a background of a shower for my episode???


Let me see


Do you want it episode related


I’m sorry, what do you mean by that.


For example
Episode Related
Non Related


Ohhh, I pefer the episode related one but I really don’t mind what type it is.








Thank you. What about credits???


No need found it on google


Okay thank you.




@CAIT.LIN @AMAGIC Please refrain from using images from google/pinterest. On these sites, people can very randomly search up images without giving credit as they were shared without watermark. This background she be properly credited towards the background maker and therefore please either find the original background editor or find another one, or request one. If you request on a thread, there is a higher percentage in which you’ll have the background made. Other than that, if the background maker finds out about this, there will be trouble and you could be reported.
My point is, please do not use an image unless you know the source and you’ll properly credit them.
Other than that, make sure you’re using commercially free backgrounds on episode!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused,

Cinnamon Toast


Thanks for your advice, I have actually spent ages trying to find the owner of it, but couldn’t. I actually have a back up background if I can’t find the person I need to give credits to.


Oh, Alright then! Sorry for the trouble.


No trouble at all, I really do appreciate the advice :blush::blush:


I believe the pink bath one is by @christy_lovepisode :thinking:

That background also appears on this thread: Does anyone know how to add overlay bubbles to the bathtub


Helpful as always Jem :kissing_heart:, Thanks.


@CinnamonToast don’t apologize!

You’re a very wise person and you give such amazing helpful advice :sunglasses:

Also, you’re a wonderful friend too :wink:

And thanks :smile: :sparkling_heart: