Showing errors without having any script errors in it

I’m trying to write a story but it’s showing like this.

At first when I saved the episode it had some script errors so after a few days later I deleted the whole script and started over again. Now my script doesn’t have any script errors other then some spelling errors. So why I’m getting this notification here

Are all your bgs and ols used in this chapter already approved by episode team?

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And if they are, you need to make a change to your script, eg adding an extra line, and save it.

Yes…in my story I’ve only used their official bgs and ols

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Okay,I’ll try using the second method beacuse all of my bgs and ols are official episode’s assets

Hey,I need help with my script.It says error when it isnt an error :sob:

Like the aforementioned picture?

umm…I dont understand :sweat_smile:

It says error: unexpected transtion

Click on the underlined portion beneath the Errors. It will easily take you to the place where the error is. Maybe in the script.Maybe it will help.

And it might happen if your OLs and BGs are still in reviews and not approved yet

The overlays are approved .But for some reason its saying error even though i copied from joseph evans videos from scratch. :sob:

Could the share the part of your script where it’s showing an error?

ok i will wait there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

ok let me try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Um can someone help me? I don’t see my error!
Violet Smith’s house, present day.

@Violet enters from left to screen left

Violet (talk_exclaim_happy)
OMG guess what!

Ava (talk_startled_neutral)
It says I have a error. Heres what it says-
Expected character or scene change. Found, Violet
(talk_exclaim_happy) instead. Did you forget to capitalize the name or close the () around the animation>

This confused me because i’ve tried everything to fix it!

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The full name should be in capital letters.


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