Showing Points Error

I’m working on my point system, but when I previewed what I have so far, 2 characters had their character IDs displayed instead of their points. And the others did not have this issue. I know I entered the IDs in correctly, and as you can see in the screenshot of the code that everything is in its order. I’ve tried updating the script multiple times and it’s still the same thing for the same 2 characters. Why is this?

That just means they have 0 points!

If you want, you can try:

if (POINTSNAME = 0) {

You have 0 points with XYZ.

} else {

You have [CHARACTERID] points with XYZ.



I had the same problem! Just like you I knew my script and charactersID were correct.
@fake_bananas is right. When I gained points in my preview (before showing points) the number was gone and suddenly showed 1 point.

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