Showing points the easiest way?

When showing a person how many points they have do you have to manually enter the amount or is there some sort of input code (like when using the input for a name)

By which I mean do I have to put
If POINTS = 10
You have 10 points

if Points =11
You have 11 points

Or is there a simple way to do this eg

Input value=point
(Narrator =value points)

You have (value) points

To show the amount of points someone has

Go to characters tab in the portal, click the character whose points you want to show, then copy the number in the link following the . It’ll look like this:


You have [6616850663931904] points.

What the reader will see:

You have x points.

Check Dara’s website, she explains very well how to remember, etc:)

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