Shows error after removing a hairstyle!

I removed the afro hairstyle but then it showed me error!

Here’s the screen shot. Please help me :sweat:

delete line 806

no line should be skipped between choice and first hairstyle, Classic Bob.

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Thanks, it worked!! But I got a new error if you can help :sweat:

#Here’s what I recommend to do instead:

Would you like to customize the main character?

choice (support_2)
“Yes! I want to.”{

goto begincc

}“No, I would like to keep her the same.”{

Thank you so much!

goto aftercc


label begincc

#whole cc template here, at end of template:

label femlcc_hi_end


label aftercc

On with the story!

#I can’t see a portion of your code hence why I suggest this. Labels are allowed in choices so that’s fine but if you’re putting a cc template within a choice make sure all closing and opening brackets do match, no line is skipped between first option and choice, styles are spelled right, character’s name exists.

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I will try this! Thank you so much!!!

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