Shroud 2: Jinn canceled

So I don’t know if you heard or not, Quixote announced Shroud: Djinn 2 won’t be released at all due to Episode has decided to reject her backgrounds for it. Those images are crucial for the story. There was no reason for them to reject those images. Episode is wrong in this.

If I remember that they had a graphic in nature and some things for a ghost in overlays, but it’s supposed to be horror and apparently Episode doesn’t like horror. A bunch of hypocritical that can’t appreciate a good scare. I still wonder why they can’t bother themselves to make 2 different shelves one for older and one for younger.

Even if we read Shroud the story itself is based on Southeast Asian supernatural entity and Southeast Asian folklore.

The Sequel would be about the Penanggal, a vampiric ghost of Southeast Asian mythology. According to the folklore of that region, the Penanggalan is a detached female head capable of flying about on its own. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, and these organs twinkle like fireflies as the Penanggalan moves through the night.

For an overlay, they thought it was an actual person assaulted. I would’ve contacted them to explain to them that it’s a supernatural entity and how it’s absolutely necessary for the plot. If they still reject than canceling would be best since the sequel would not be the same. Quixote did explain and try to appeal to Episode, telling them it’s just a supernatural entity in Southeast Asian mythology. I don’t think they listened to her when she explained the importance of having the images of the Penanggal and the overlays representing the Penanggal. She was told by them to replace the images with an “alternative images” that were less graphic in nature. Which is a slap on the face on the folklore of the Penanggal itself. Sure it’s graphic. But it’s realistic to a culture meaning that it’s educational purpose.

If she has to make drastic changes to it or remove it completely, the sequel to Shroud will not be the same at all and she won’t do the supernatural entity any justice as it won’t be a true representation of this Southeast Asian mythological entity. It almost feels disrespectful to alter its looks when it doesn’t look like that at all.

While I’m sad that Shroud 2 won’t be made, I’m actually glad she’s canceling the sequel because it won’t be the same without that entity. The folklore is the reason to read the story. The story won’t be the same without it.

Also here’s the image that was rejected by episode

Shroud II: Jinn Image


I loved the first shroud, and it’s a shame the second one has been canceled. I wanted to add some gory backgrounds and they were rejected, and I think we have to realise that people under the age of ten do play episode. Regardless of weather they are allowed to or not, it does happen. Some overlays can be confronting, and I think that needs to be put into consideration when thinking about the audience who will be viewing the story.


I can see both sides.

Episode does not want gory backgrounds or overlays in stories. I probably wouldn’t have accepted that overlay either without context.

However, at the same time, if you go into a horror story and don’t think there will be blood like I don’t know what horror stories you’ve been watching lmao.


One of my favorite Episode horror stories doesn’t feature any blood I believe (Hunted)? I just find it odd that Episode seems to be completely fine with overly sexual content and very questionable topics flooding the app but they’re so strict when it comes to blood.

Shroud was amazing though, I’m really sad to read that there won’t be a sequel :pensive:


YThey still didn’t accept it after she appealed and explain the context either :slightly_frowning_face:


While I agree, but if you read Haunted: Shroud by Quitoxe it doesn’t have nor features any blood in the story. There were some blood scenes, but it was with the murder of a midwife by an entity and rabbits that were killed by another.

Quitoxe tried to appeal to them and explained about the folklore of the Penanggal, she wanted them to know that it is a supernatural entity in Southeast Asian mythology and told them why it is important for the story but they still didn’t accept it and wanted her to replace the image she chose.

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