SHUT DOWN (Epy 101)

Hello! My name is Amealia and I run this art shop with some friends! Our shop is originally based on Instagram only but we chose to expand to the forums as well! Before requesting anything please make sure to read over our rules. By requesting you are also saying you have read over all of our rules and will respect each one.


Our rules are simple really. We don’t have many. In order to request it is best you have an Instagram but it is not needed. Otherwise be patient and be a decent person is all.

We do many things here in Epy 101 and we will have examples of each here soon. We do Covers, splashes, character edits, episode related advice, insta highlight icons, profile pictures, outlines, banners, story reviews, art reviews, and art scenes. Below are some examples of each. Below is also the average amount of time it takes for each type of request.



Character Edits

Instagram highlight icons

Profile Pictures


Story Reviews

Chapter 1

  1. Love the intro very creative
  2. When you added cc, the skin tone tan wasn’t an option and that’s my skin tone - had to use caramel, could you possibly add tan for others?
  3. Very creative for adding the backlash :slightly_smiling_face:
  4. When the character says “boo” and falls on the floor both character seem to stand up at the same time. Maybe add .1?
  5. [Inserts screenshot] This scene the character legs seem to be sticking out under the counter.
Art Reviews

Uploading: 7B23CD6B-8A5D-4D6A-8D9E-F7BDDFD04953.png… Uploading: 7E2DC7FB-F97E-4C7F-907B-FE2F5F95E5AF.png… Uploading: BA655DB8-A09E-46E9-AA02-2AE4FFEAD5C8.png… Uploading: F58EF411-CA26-49C2-B4B9-B8EB7BB8C51D.png… Uploading: 7FE5C1F8-ADA2-47FB-9D2C-369DE321102D.png… Uploading: 6ECD390C-C793-433C-A004-26D12D52E15A.png… Uploading: BE953E04-2280-4398-A1CD-5F0F7B2387C4.png…

Average Time it takes for each request type

Covers: 4
Splashes: 4
Character Edits Drawn: 4
Character Edits: 2
Episode Related Advice: 1
Instagram Highlight Icons: 3
Profile Pictures: 4
Outlines: 4
Banners: 2
Story Reviews: 7
Art reviews: 4
Art scenes: 6
All of these times are averages meaning you may get your request a day earlier or later.

In order to place a request simply say what you would like and say your Instagram if you have one as well and the artist who takes your request will speak to you personally. We think it’s best to talk to the artist one on one for the best art we can give.

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I’d like a character edit. My instagram is x0_legal_0x.

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Would you like it drawn or edited?

Drawn, if that’s Ok?

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Of course!

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Hey, could I get a splash?

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It’s nothing much, I just need like something that says thanks for reading that’s all

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Of course! Is there a time you need it by? It takes us on average two days to do requests.

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Not at all, take your time!




That’s beautiful!

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Thank you :blush:

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Can you guys make me some instagram highlight thingys?

I need one to say, Details, PFP credit, Watermark credit, Progress, What I use, Linktree. Thanks in advance if you will do this. And can the background be this:

And the text could be black and font any.

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Alrighty we will start asap

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Hi can I would like a art scene done please my Instagram is love_4_writing.episode thanks

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We messaged you on Instagram. :grin:

Hmm I haven’t gotten it yet

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Can I not do it on instagram because my account is not working for some strange reason thank you

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Yes of course!

Thanks a lot what do I have to do?