Sia’s Awesome Theme outline contest


The votes were in. Many ppl said yes said yes so here it is. The theme is relaxing so do your best to try and match the theme. COMMENT IF ENTERING PLZ



Credit to @Killerfrost for the awesome outline.

  • Do not steal other peoples work or colored in outline

  • Do not be rude to other contestants

  • You may change some of the outline but it still must look a lot like the original. You can also add something to the hand

  • Be creative!

1st place: Free edit or splash. Shoutout on forums. Free art without watermark, Main role in my story, Bragging rights

2nd: Art with watermark, character in my story

If I don’t have enough entries I might have to cancel it so tag your friends!



I’ll enter


Yay thx and tag your friends so they can join to!


Sure no problem!


@Epy.raven @Chocolate_Mama
@Raybadem @Episode.kaitlyn
@MidnightRain @CinnamonToast
@Stargazer54 @Chesirekitten101


I would love to but I can’t art or color for nothing :joy:


You can’t be bad besides when I joined my first outline contest I was terrible :joy:


Alrighty. I’ll do it


Yay! Ppl actually joined this time! :slightly_smiling_face:


Do I need a Instagram for it?




I’ll join!




Okie I’ll join!


I’ll join!! :slightly_smiling_face:




I’ll join!!!




when does it end?


:0 I forgot to put an end date!