Sia’s outline contest


Sia here with a Contest :tada:

Choose any type of outline you want to color.
Be creative and add your own details or your Spark.
No Cheating If you cheat or copy someone else’s outline you will Be disqualified.

Three winners will be chosen 

They win An Edit made by me
Shoutout in my story.
A character in my upcoming story
A review on your story if you have.
I’ll do an art request for you
I’ll shout you out on the forums!


And credit to @episode-gold for the second outline after I was told I would get reported here’s your credit :point_up_2:

Deadline is July 29th


I’ll join! Btw did you make this outline?




And no my sister did




The second one was for @Episode-Gold’s outline contest. Can I enter with my entry to that?


Yes you can


Yes you can!


heres mine!


This is a outline contest not a share a outline


umm she said i can use this for my entry


You have to color it btw!


May I ask why the outlines are the same? :thinking:


Here’s my entry to your outline contest-

~ :snowflake:


What do you mean they’re the same?


The outline for Episode Gold’s outline contest, and yours.


Oh Idk me and my sister make a lot of outlines and I told her to give me some but she probably got lazy and gave me one from online or something


Oh, okay.


You should probably credit @Episode-Gold for the outline then.


Hey we’d really appreciate if you used our full outline! Our watermark was put there to prevent stealing as our artist worked really hard on the outline… , this should not be from online unless our artist put it up. But again it would be appreciated if you put the full outline up, and give our team credit. If you have any questions feel free to ask either me or @Teahwalker!