Sia’s outline contest


Yh lol.


Yo I believe I asked you to put the correct outline on 6 days ago. There is no reason why it shouldn’t have been switched over. Now it is plain out theft of our outline. @TeahWalker please come to this thread.


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @Killerfrost
If you would please switch your entries over to this or add the watermark where you please that would be deeply appreciated.


If You’d like to add the watermark where you please here it is:



@_Nasia here I switch my entry to:



Tysm A.


np, I didnt realize iit was EG’s.


It’s ok J had made the outline. I have proof she did it too because that hairstyle is mine and I have the original character she based it off of. I just wish she would’ve switched them out 6 DAYS AGO… because now Teah and I are going on bitch mode. :joy:


lol, I’m no longer in EG but like I’m still team EG all the way so I’m here if you need support


Lol ok, I’m not in it either anymore but your still team Madi and Teah!


yep, fo sho


Its aldready added by…You? Yeah, I have no problem with that…




Tysm. I added a png version below So you could Place it where you please.


Is this still gong on