Sia's honest reviews + feedback! (proofreading) :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

Hi guys!
I’m doing detailed and thorough story reviews and feedback. Please read below:

I’m going to provide HONEST feedback, no sugarcoating at all. Please be okay with constructive criticism; I’m here to help you improve your story.

  • I will do proofreading, grammar and spelling checks, and help you with plot and character development throughout your story.
  • Let me know what else you’re specifically looking for and I can help you out with that too.
  • Please respond to this thread and/or message my ig, @ sia._episode

• Feel free to send me your published and/or unpublished stories/episodes!

  • FOR ALREADY PUBLISHED STORIES: send me the script so that I can read pass-free, please.

• Rules:

  • Credit IS required either at the end of the episode or in ig highlights.
  • Please follow my ig - @ sia._episode
  • Please be patient! My reviews take time and I am a full time student with a job.
  • I will devote at least 90 (NINETY) minutes a week for reviews!

• Charges:

  • (everything stated above) for 1 (ONE) episode: $1.99
  • (everything stated above) for 2 (TWO) or more episodes: $1.50 per episode
  • (everything stated above) for 15 (FIFTEEN) or more episodes: $1.00 per episode

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