Side characters designed by YOU!

Hello everyone!
I’m currently writing 2 stories right now that are yet to be released, BUT with this I need a LOT of side characters. Meaning I want YOU or YOUR character in my story as frequent side characters.
(within both stories) So I’ll take character cards or descriptions! Thanks in advance.
Let me know if you want credit! (IG/Forums user)

This idea was inspired by @CrimsonCat6, thank you!


credit: alexandra_episode_ on Instagram :smiley:

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Ty so much! :revolving_hearts:

My details:

Can credit as JemU776, forums username if you like :nerd_face: :blossom:

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Haha thanks for the tag :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
You’re free to use my bf and me if you’d like.

My details:

My bf’s details:
Name: Gray
Body: male athletic (neutral 00)
Brows: straight medium scar (black jet)
Hair: medium side part flip (jet black)
Eyes: narrow almond deep sunken (blue deep)
Face: chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: straight pointed
Mouth: medium straight natural (fair neutral matte)

Also what kind of outfits are you looking for? (Casual, formal, fantasy, etc) Because I have a lot of different outfits :sweat_smile:


Thanks, this is very helpful! Would you like credit to you and your bf?

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Ty! :blue_heart:

You can use my Instagram: @crimsoncat6_episode

Also in case you didn’t see, I asked about what outfits you’d like for us on my other reply^

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Hi! This is my character and (fictional) bf.


For credit: dragon.writes on ig

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Love it, thanks :revolving_hearts:

Thank you
-and wdym? :thinking:

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Like if you were to use my character for multiple scenes, what would the appropriate outfit be? Like would I have a party outfit, a formal event outfit, a “lounging at home” outfit, etc…?
Hope that makes sense. I’m pretty bad at explaining things :joy:

Feel free to use mine! Credit: @bree.stories.episode on Instagram

very helpful, I’ll use this. thank you! :revolving_hearts:

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Story 1 outfits

Ohh, so in the story I’m planning on publishing first I want a lot of fictional characters with different abilities. (ex: my MC can manipulate/heal/create/generate anything electricity. You for example could manipulate anything that generates heat, as well as yourself.) So, the outfits could be some kind of dark-mysterious with red, outfits for “your” character…I can’t explain things well either

"Story 2 outfits

~the other story I would use you and the other character you provided me with, having a date in the background while my 2 MC’s are [blah blah blah]. The outfit for these stories would be literally everything; party’s, casual, date night. this one is quite different then the first one.

hopefully this makes sense…

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I know exactly who I want you to be, thank you! :green_heart:

Got it! My default outfit would actually work well for your first one!

You can keep the devil wings or take them off. Up to you :upside_down_face:
As for Gray… this’ll probably work fine

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For the second story I’m thinking these:

My outfit:

Gray’s Outfit:

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I’ll make them right now, thanks for the help :blue_heart: