Side characters needed!

Hi!! I need side characters!! If you’d like to be featured in one of my story’s then leave your character down below and telling me what spot you’d like :))) I’ll do a readers message tagging you!! Here are the spots I have open :))

  • girl best friend
  • LI’s cousin
  • waiter (friend of MC)
  • or you could just be a side character I add in for some humor:))

I could be the girl best friend :blush:
IG to credit is @princesskjx3 :purple_heart:
If you need any more info from me just ask!


That’s great!! I’ll add it to my characters thank you!!

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I can be the LI’s cousin
Credit me by @princess.anu_episode

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Just added to my characters!! Thank you!!

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I don’t have a character card as of now!!
But here are the details love :heart:


Skin: rose 02
Face : diamond
Eyes: deepset downturned ( black)
Brows : arched natural (dark black)
Nose: natural defined
Mouth: small heart (matte peach)
Hair: long curls (dark black)

You can use any outfit! Thank you :relaxed::relaxed:

Definitely this one! I love playing the humorous parts :wink:

I will be waiter
Blue and grey character carrd

Add me anywhere you need me. And tag me!

I could be the Li’s cousin
Does this work?

If not I could be a comedy side-part

:relaxed: Here are my characters if you’d like to use one or both of them:

Any roles are fine.
Credit: schittwriter on Insta.

Hi, I would like to be Waiter

my Skin: Gold 2
Nose: defined natural
lips: full round
eyebrows: arched natural
eyes: deepest downturned
body: soft

My Insta: @samayita.episode
Please let me know when u published, I would like to take a screenshot and post. I need your insta too

I think you forgot eye color, eyebrow color, hair, hair color, and lip color.

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And face shape. :see_no_evil:


Oops! sorry! writing below -

Eye colour: Black
Eyebrow colour: black
Hair: Long feathered and black
Lip colour: Beige
Face shape : Heart shaped

My name: Samayita

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Here you go!!

Any role is OK.


Name: Isabelle
Character Details:
Style: Female Athletic Body
Skin color: Neutral 02
Brows: Arched Thin (Dark Brown)
Hair: Hair Updo Curly Messy (Ask Blonde)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Deep Blue)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Small Heart (Red Deep Matte)

Off Shoulder Boho Mid Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey White
Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black
Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver
Compas Rose Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color
(You can change her clothes if you want)

Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Pronouns: she/her

Personality: fun, outgoing, loyal, crazy, confident, gives advices, sarcastic, jokes in the weirdest moments.

You can credit me by my Instagram @stellaroseever :purple_heart:

You can give them whatever role fits:)

Feel free to use my characters:)


Character names:
Asher Griffin
Dragon Griffin

(If you want to use a more normal name for Dragon you can use Amber, you can give either of them another surname if you want, this is purely to make them married, authors can do some creative things with that:), you can give them any relation to each other (except siblings/cousins))


Dragon- Stubborn, thoughtful, confident, determined, extremely sarcastic.
Asher-Sweet, confident, thoughtful, smart, funny.

Dragon-She/her, straight
Asher-He/him, straight

Favorite colors:
Dragon-Dark red&black

Feel free to change their outfits. I put their fav. colors there to have more of an idea what colors the outfits can contain (doesn’t just have to be it).

For credits: @dragon.writes on IG

Also tag me when the story is out, I would love to read it:)

I am interested in being girl’s best friend… I have never been a side character in any story so please give my character a chance

Treyzere is my name pronounced Treasure

Could i be a waiter

dont mind the card my other one haves to be updated :sweat_smile:

Credit tre.episodes on IG and her Natural hair is Black Dark(if you wanna change it)