Side Characters (Opened)

Hola amigos!
I am writing a story with some friends @Epi.Blueberry and @writeslondon !!

I am in need of alot more characters for our story. This is a mafia story, so they’re a view things you can portray as a role
**I still need to add more family members to a few different ones, but I can’t give away any information about the families. I have the main two families which are the Lockharts and the Atwoods, along with that I have included supporting characters such as uncle, aunts, grandparents, step-parents, cousins, etc.
Below please (if you want to) put a picture or your INK character details ,along with the name you want your character to be.
Below is an example of what I need you to include
Name: June
INK Description: (if u don’t have a picture)
Role: (what you wanna be in the story)
If you want a piticcular role but don’t two, if you don’t care then put nothing or N/A
(That isnt my info, I just grabbed it online)


Here you go.

any role you want in particular?


What roles is there that I can choose from? I would love to be in it if I know what I could be :wink:

Depending on what you wanna do?
What are you interested in?

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Honestly I don’t mind ahaha, I will send you my character details in case you want to use me. If you need an outfit, I will send that too, but I am assuming that you will be creating loads of outfits! What will the name of your story be? Because I will read it when it is published :blush:

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Nah. Just shove me where I fit.

Totally said that wrong but yeah lol

okay :lol:

When its published I will let you know.
Title? We are still deciding feel free t vote for a title


(won’t let me add photo)

Name: Blair
Skin: tan
Brow: seductive arch
Hair: beach waves (black)
Eyes: upturned feline (white)
Face: oval
Nose: soft natural
Lips: full round (scarlet)

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Name: Brooke
Role: Anything (would prefer a seen role)


Role: Assassin if possible

Role: Cousin/brother

Role: Mean girl Gang member

Role: Hacker Gang Member

Outfit: You change their outfits if you want