Sign in problem


I NEED HELP !!! I’m having trouble in signing in with my gmail account with episode. I had episode in my old phone (Iphone 7) and switched to Samsung galaxy s9. Before the update they did on episode you can create your own profile , didnt have a problem. But now that I just download it again I saw the new update. And I wanted to create my own avatar which I wasn’t able too because when I log in thru my gmail it says its associated with another id. And I try to restore my gmail and says the same thing…can anyone help me with this issue


if you have your old phone-- go back on the app and look for your old ID and sign in with that-- i had the sam problem and that worked for me!! hope this helped :slight_smile:


But I dont have access to the old phone :disappointed_relieved::sob::sob:


You cannot do transfers from different brands. (IOS transfers for IOS transfers, Android transfers for Android transfers)


So in other words I have to sign up again ? Because if that’s the case I’m ok with that , I tried with my fb but once I click on that . It automatically takes my to the profile where it says it might take a while. Try it so many times and nothing has change




What about the profile taking forever to load


Are you making a new profile? I suggest checking your internet connection.


I had that kind of problem but I moved on and just continued read on iOS but then i moved to another i phone and now it does not allow me to and it says game state on another platform. So i submitted a ticket it says solve but no repsonse