SIGN UPS : Blackwell


You’ve been accepted to Blackwell, a school which you didn’t apply for
What’s lurking in the shadows of Blackwell, an ancient school around for years and years
Mysteries . . . probably murders knowing Fallen

Society Background : Modern Tech, but the school is old fashioned. Magical objects are known, but should be in museums .

On your first day, you are going to find an object at some point . . . You are going to get an object to matter what, but your character can get rid of it / sell it / loose it if they can (hehehe) The objects can range from earrings to staffs to chokers to a bag to a ring to a tattoo. I’m going to pick the form, but your input can help

The objects are from different catagories

SUMMON : Summoning, Summoning of animals as well.
WEAPON : Weapons with mystical powers
ELEMENTAL : fire, air, water, air, etc.
MIND : Mind control, telepathy, emotion manipulation.
VOODOO : Objects that don’t belong anywhere else.
DARK : Dark magic, shadow, etc.
BODY : Speed, strength, transform looks
REALM : Travel to different realms, see objects from dif realms

I’m going to be taking reserves for those 8 topics right now, 6 reserves per. But I am going to pick the power, and the object’s form. For example

Reserve Realm /// (signs up and everything) /// Character goes to room

As Priscilla falls asleep, a knock at the door. She walks to her door, nothing. She walks to the bathroom, and looks in the mirror where a tattoo of a ghost appeared behind her ear. This wasn’t any tattoo, this was the Curse of Vokannu, the cursed person would forever hear ghosts, and be haunted by them day and night until death. Priscilla can now talk to ghosts, and jump into the ghost detention with anyone she wants

^ It will work like above, so you have some control.

DUE DATE : April 11th (may or may not be my BD)

(Check with Fallen)



Reserve for dark and mind objects

Forgot I’m making 2 characters :slight_smile:


Reserve for Summon and Mind


Reserve for summon and dark


Reserve for elemental and summon


added realm, and now going to go eat and think of more ideas hahaha


Enjoy your food!!


You could do something like the ability to see someone’s true feelings or understand another language or understand what inanimate objects are thinking temporarily. Just an idea.


Reserve me a mind and a voodoo pls ^-^


Can u reserve me dark and element


@Luxinos, @Vanille, @16AngelCat, I separated Summon into two parts, double check if you want to change


Reserve for Voodoo and Realm!


What is the second part?


@FallenAngelNight13 could I actually drop my mind reserve and take a Body reserve instead?


I’ll reserve for 2 (Realm and Weapon) (May reserve for more if I’m allowed to/Still want to later)


Weapon, I had previously had Summon as Weapon and Creatures


of course, no limit on chars as long as the genders are even and such


Reserve for body and weapon. :slight_smile:


I really shouldn’t, but it’s difficult to resist. And I already have characters ideas I’m using too >.< Could I reserve for Mind and Realm?


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