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|Cafe Nemesis|

An RP inspired by tumblr, contributed to by Sillycupcake22233 and created by Mehek adopted by DanicaBascae then adopted by FallenAngelNight13

A Brief History of The Committee For Heroes and Villains
Written by: Daniel Davis
Current Placement: Committee Library Archives

Thirty seven years ago, back in 1980, Professor Diana Cruz at Yale University created what she’d believed to be a time machine that could transport not just people but entire cities back in time to anywhere they wanted to be. To test this out, the town of Casterville, Connecticut agreed to be transported back a week, just to see if it worked.

The experiment turned out to be a fantastic failure. All the machine did was conjure an unusually high number of bolts of lightning that struck many people and buildings, though no casualties were reported and nothing unusual had happened it seemed. Professor Cruz’s reputation was ruined and life in Casterville returned to normal…

In 1981, the first “hero” sighting was reported. Annie Carson, who’d been nine when she was struck by lightning, conjured fire in her hands and managed to stop a school shooting. More and more sightings were reported as people made clones of themselves to stop robberies or warped reality to catch criminals. However, as the number of hero sightings increased, so did the number of villain sightings- people who used their powers to do wrong.

And what made things even more confusing was that it seemed as if rather than just affecting those struck by the lightning from Professor Cruz’s experiment, it seemed as if Professor Cruz had released something into the air that affected some randomly chosen people, but not others and matured itself at random times in a person’s life. Powered parentage didn’t seem to affect the chances of a child having powers either.

Chaos was rampant by 1996, just fifteen years after the first incident, and as a result, some of the most powerful people who were neither hero nor villain came together to form The Committee For Heroes and Villains. They started as four people, but their powers were extraordinarily great- they could create or destroy anyone easily. As they grew and teamed up with the government, they became the law body for heroes and villains everywhere. Nobody dared disobey them for risk of being obliterated completely.

The Committee decreed that anyone could be a hero or a villain, but as soon as they discovered their powers, they must register with the Committee as either a hero, a villain, or a neutral soldier for the Committee. They assigned every hero one villain and every villain one hero to be their nemesis and said that the only person who could fight a hero or a villain was their nemesis, in order to give both good and evil a fair shot.

The system was perfected by 2008, and for the past 9 years, it has been functioning effectively.


You’re just an ordinary person. Like every other kid your age, you go to school, get bored out of your mind, talk to your friends, admire that cute girl in front of you in French class, and then you go to your afterschool job at Dream Bean, the coffee shop you work at.

The only difference between you and virtually every other red-blooded teen in existence? The fact that you’re a hero/villain. By night, you go out and try to stop your nemesis from getting the best of you, whether that means stopping a villain from committing a crime or stopping a hero from ruining your perfect crime.

Here’s the crazy part though- just yesterday, you got a strange note from The Committee, telling you that the real identity of your nemesis is someone who works with you, and they gave you a hint too! And it’s Truce Week too- you don’t have to deal with battling your nemesis for an entire week, and they won’t be in your way either!

This is just perfect- if you can just figure out who they are while trying not to get fired by one of your managers and maybe just impress that cute person you’ve been crushing on at work for ages, you’ll be able to stop your nemesis more effectively!

Of course, there is the issue of you not wanting them to know who you are. And you can’t really tip off your other coworkers to who you are either because that’d be a mess. How hard can it be?



Hello, I am now the owner of this RP.

Different from what Mehek & Danica did before, I started a new system for powers.

If you had any powers reserved before - they have been scratched. (you don’t have them anymore) BUT DON’T PANIC. I am now starting power reserves in PRIORITIES - meaning, you cannot reserve a power until your priority level is up.

Priority Level One : People who submitted all their information to the previous owners.*
Priority Level Two : People who submitted some of their information to the previous owners.*
Priority Level Three : People who reserved powers to the previous owners.*
Priority Level Four : People who reserved, but didn’t send in powers to the previous owners.*
Priority Level Five : People who are interested through the poll, and did not reserve before OR had powers reserved through the old owners, but did not poll.*
Priority Level Six : People who reserve on this thread*
Priority Level Seven (Final Priority) : Those who want more than two characters.

  • Max Two Characters *

I also did something new with powers. Each power has three ‘tiers’. Each character has a max of three ‘tiers’. So if you want your character to have Flight, Fire and Water, it can happen. Or you can be the only one with Fire power by taking all three tiers. The more tiers your character has, the stronger they are.

For example, Illusions. Having one tier of Illusions you might be able to do an illusion of a something small. But if you have two tiers, you can make more illusions - and maybe they can interact with certain things. Then at three tiers your character can make even more illusions, and more elaborate illusions.



How do I know what priority level I am? - PM me if you aren’t sure, but just guess-ti-mate

UUHHH I’m so low on the priorities! Can I move up? - No, but don’t worry. I am personally on Priority Four, and there’s only about 3 - 4 people in every priority above

What if I really really really reallly reallly want a power? - Hopefully someone will leave you a tier or two

Can my person have more than three tiers? - No.

Is tier three stronger than one and two? - No, all the tiers are the same. The more tiers you have, the stronger your character is.

Can I see the power list before my Priority Level? - No, but I can tell you if a power is taken or not.

Can I add powers to your list? - Yes, but I recommend keeping it a secret till your Priority so no one takes it from you :3

How do I know what powers my tier level can or cannot do? - Honestly, you should know. You should be wise enough to know that a one - tier can’t do breath taking powers like a three - tier hero / villain



I am starting tier one right now . . . I won’t be giving announcements on tier levels status (or who is in them) to provide more secrecy. (Maybe I will at around four)

You may Post now

SIGN UPS <-- Please let me know you are interested, thus you can reserve your powers in PM

POWER LIST <-- again, please PM me.


excuse me being unrelated but this is beautiful and it makes my life complete I am so proud of you Fallen pls turn my baby into a beauty and this progression list makes me laugh


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I would like to reserve, if it’s already possible. :hugs:


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Is it too late to reserve?




Ooo reserve then, are the sign ups open?


You would be in priority six, which should open in 4 - 5 days


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This is a reminder that I need you to reply asap to the PM’s, or I will skip you. Thanks !

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I am speeding this up. By Saturday (26th) Priority 7 will start

By the 13th June, I would like one character submitted
By the 23th June, I want your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th etc) submitted.
Starting on June 27th until later noted.


@FallenAngelNight13 Are sign-ups closed?


nope, I’ll PM you the information now.


Okay, thank you. :smile: Also I wanted to ask where I ask questions if I have them?