SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


New Idea’s Thread Post


You’ve been accepted to a school you didn’t apply for - Original Premise.

New Premise - You’ve been accepted to a school that hasn’t existed for hundreds of years

This is like a couple thousand years before the original (which was on the old forums).

Galileo Diamonte, a powerful mancer recently decided to create his own school to teach Mancers magic. He has taken over a castle - which use to be a misfit - black magic - banished - murder (you get the point) school… maybe the school has changed? He’s a strange fella, perhaps he picked you for a reason- or maybe he’s just bonkers- or maybe you are just a misfit :slight_smile:

Sign Ups : Due December 30th
Faceclaims : Last Updated 12.23.18
Official Thread : Starts December 31st / January 1st

Mancer Types

I pick. It’s a mystery for your characters. But, if you must know - Aeromancer (Air, Weather) Astromancer (Stars, Dimension) Dismancer (Chaos, Dismay) Domimancer (Myth) Dracomancer (Dragon) Faemancer (Fairy) Geomancer (Rocks, Metal) Hydromancer (Water) Lunamancer (Winter / Moon) Luxmancer (Light, Color), Necromancer (Death) Pyromancer (Fire) Sanamancer (Health, Plants) Seimancer (Ghosts) Solimancer (Summer, Sun), Tempumancer (Time, Temperature) Technomancer (Tech, Electricity) Umbramancer (Shadows) Utaumancer (Song, Charm) Zomancer (Animals) - My rule from the Last RP stands, if you try to reserve a mancer type I will NOT give you that mancer type because you failed to read. I pick based on personality.

Age Range

To play the part your character is technically ‘17’ but because that’s such an unusual age to RP as, think of the characters as Mature Seventeen year Olds xD

Male Character & Female Character

I’m cruel, I force everyone to make at least two characters. The best way to handle two characters is to expand their personality- not every dude has to be a screw-boy and not every girl has to be a shy girl with hidden temper. Besides… everyone knows males have a higher chance of romance in RPs :wink:

Better explanation of the Plot

So Galileo School of Magic is at a castle. That castle (like hundreds of years ago) use to be a detention center for troublemaker kids. It was closed down, but has been ‘reopened’ as a private school under a new name. There is speculation of if this is really a new school (let’s be real, it was closed down for questionable reasons). Welcome to Galileo Troublemak- cough I mean School of Magic.

Any Roleplays I can join?

Tag List :heart:

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Also, credit to @LHT for the hehe… plot


When have I willingly missed out on any of your RPs?
Reserve! (Only for 2 rn, but I may make more)


Reserve for at least 2, I’ll probably end out making more than 2 but I’ll see what happens with the end of school.


Can I reserve for 2?


2 for now


Reserve for two, since this is my first roleplay so I want to see how it works first n_n


I never did something like this before so count me in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


can you reserve for me too :relaxed:


Can I reserve for 2??


Reserve for two


Reserve for two please.


I have a question: Do we have to use realistic fc’s, or can we use non-realistic ones?


Reserve for two characters please


Reserve for two :3


you can use either - most people use real life but I will be doing anime :slight_smile:


I saw a question - but cannot find it now - asking if the students know about magic before they arrive at the school and the answer is yes.


Okay cool, I’ll be using anime then


Signed up.


reserve for two characters!!
(i’ll probably start on my first one in the next hour or so)