SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


Hmm sure, there can be ghosts (they would be non-violent ghosts)

If you wanted, (since Sam & Alder are in the forest) there can be an magic-animal that leads them somewhere. (Magical like… fire fox)


Awesome! I’ll add your characters asap :3

Feel Free to jump in, a few posts above have a list of approachable characters :smiley:




did you get my characters hhhhhh :DDD @FallenAngelNight13


Is it too late to plead for my baby Spencer’s life?


Probably far too late.


Should I go for innocent or flirty… choices, choices.


I know :smirk: Choose wisely


I shall!



typing up le scene now >.<

Edit : I’ll also do the art room shortly after


I have not


Oh :// Do I need to sign up again?? hsjsksks I didn’t write down the bios and personalities somewhere ahhhh :c


You can jump in if you’d like and work on the personalities / biographies as you RP but I don’t see them in the sign ups >.<


ahhh, I’ll do that, thank youuu~


I’ve finished Jackie, but the sign up didn’t send. Can I resubmit her and put her in the rp?


Yes :slight_smile:


We have alot of approachable people ! Use the list above >.<

did I mention I won’t give powers to people who haven’t chatted at least once?

@Art3Miss, @riahh30 , @Littlefeets , @Ella, @Lin-Kun, @epi_alifah, @aosaba, @YassineCool, @AnimeOtome, @QueenChid, @TheBluGeek, @LTea, @Daisy_Flower1, @ScarletSwanHunter, @SillyCupcake22233, @ELx, @A-Simple-Nectarine, @Cricket_Master, @jdepisode, @Mia, @Once, @LittleElf,

@alytriplex , @Phoenixx , @bossyroxy411, @DarkDreamz
@Cam, @JazzDerSu, @PurpleRose, @Mashia


I swear I’ll reply too you after I finish this thing.


Isaiah is approachable!