SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


Reminder ----

~ Plot Adds are like a personal plot that effect just your character ~

For example, a stalker that stalks your character.

~ Must make a Male&Female or I won’t add your character to the faceclaims ~


Reserve!!! (Just for two characters for now. Maybe more later)


Reserve for two?


Do you have a faceclaims link??
Or faceclaims at all?


Hey…would it be possible for me to re-do my signup? I already submitted but kinda wanna re-do it…



Reserve for two please.

This is going to be my first RP so I’m nervous, and I’ll probably drown in anxiety :upside_down_face:


To all of those who are RPing for the first time:
You won’t regret it
Fallen’s RPs are the best


I signed up!


Reserve for 2 please


I’ll make a faceclaim link pretty soon. I haven’t started yet because I haven’t gotten very many yet x-x

I’ll tag you when I make the faceclaims :slight_smile:


You totally can, would you like me to send you your info so you can change it or start from scratch?


Of course! Just wondering because I do not want to make my characters like someone else’s.


Hmm, I’d like to start from scratch if that’s okay.


Sure, I’ll delete your previous sign up


Reserve for two, please? :slight_smile:


Reserve for 2 please!

Also @A-Simple-Nectarine!!! PECHA! Aaah, it’s been too long since I last saw you, I’ve missed you! :3 How have you been?




I’ve been doing good! It’s nice to be back on the forums though ^-^ How are you?


yeET its another one of fallen’s rps

slams the reserve button twice


I submitted my characters!