SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


Reserving for two.


Hey @FallenAngelNight13, @ThatRandomPerson is currently taking a break from forums and will not be able to sign up before the deadline.


Thank you Livvy for letting me know :slight_smile:


I have been so busy! AHHHHHHHH


Reserve for two please


Reserve for two~


This is a terrible idea, and I need to resist it. I don’t knkw how busy I will be starting this January, but I know that I will be far busier than now.
So I am going to back away.
Even though I was specially tagged.
No way do I want to do this.

Damn it, Fallen.
Reserve for two.






Is there anything I should know before making my characters? Things you’d rather I avoid, or rules I may not know as I wasn’t around for the first RP, etc? Also, I plan on making siblings (irish twins, which should be fun) who come from a large family, am I allowed to decide what mancers the family are, or would you rather I didn’t?

I’ll maybe make the sign-ups tomorrow, if not soon-ish. but until then, I’m claiming these FC’s just as a heads-up, if that’s allowed?



Their legal guardian (older sister / NPC)


Twins and siblings are totally good :slight_smile: - they would have to be the same age (or in the same grade) when you make them though.

You can pick the mancer type of the parents and others, but mancery isn’t genetics. So hypothetically pretend there was two Tempumancer parents, it’s still a low chance that your kids will have Tempumancery (since Tempumancer is very rare).


Mini Update : I’ve increased the age to 17 instead of 12 :slight_smile: Apologies for any inconvenience.


Whelp, now I need to re-evaluate my FCs, but fair d’nough

Irish Twins are apparently what siblings born only 9 months apart from each other are called, so they’re still in the same year. Also, out of curiosity, what are the rarest mancers then?


Tempumancer, Astromancer, Lunamancer and Solimancer


Faceclaims are Updated!


Signed up!



I signed up :blush:


I really need to get my characters in for this! I am o sorry, I’ve been running around nonstop all week and now Christmas is up! Ah~ I am so sorry Fallen!


It’s all good :slight_smile:


Oish, could i reserve for a girl and boy?