SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


yep :slight_smile:


So I usually look over fc’s just to see what kind of characters are already up but I don’t think it’s open unless u make one?

So which character types are in rare supply


I have one, but I’m currently updating it so it’s probably not working right this moment.

I’ll be finished in like two minutes


Awesome, i can wait :+1:


Since there was an age increase, can I PM you an updated picture for my face claims?


You have till December 31st! ~8 Days second tag reminder

Face Claims Updated 12.23.18


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Yep, totally :slight_smile:


Question, what does Chaos/Dismay entitle power wise??


It’s like… illusions, nightmares, negative emotion manipulation. Sleep inducing powers - out of the ordinary powers that don’t fit in any of the other categories.


Okay, I started my sign-up, but almost fell asleep at the keys and now I can’t focus. I’ll try again tomorrow, but I may not be able to actually do it until after christmas. Here’s hoping. :sweat_smile:





So there’s been an age increase. Can I update the face claims of my characters? I’ll PM you the link to the pictures.


Sure and that works :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you. Aaand done!


sooo i’m gonna reserve for two more, if that’s okay?
because I already started working on them and am almost done


Can I reserve for 2 please?


Reserve for 2! :revolving_hearts:


Ah. Dang. Faceclaims. Right. Slap me if I don’t do this tomorrow.


You have till December 31st! ~ 3 Days third tag reminder

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This may br a dumb question but I’m asking anyway cuz I’m confused on the bio portion:

What time is this set in? I mean I’m assuming modern from some peeps backgrounds but then again it can also be past?? Or I guess a better question is what kind of world.