SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


Don’t worry, I’ve been asked that alot.

It’s modern, but not ‘technology’ forward. For example, there are cellphones but they aren’t very high tech / a necessity for everyday life. Trains are still coal run… there are still ‘family hierarchies’ in castle like areas but it’s not like family verse family (as in Romeo & Juliet)

As for sexuality / gender / female / etc segregation and such hasn’t happened for a very long time. I’d say at least 500+ years so unless a students parents is naturally a biatch this would be rare.


Im going to assume that this is set in some fictional timeline, then. Considering you said a couple thousand years prior to the old RP.

randomly prompted history lesson

As cellphones weren’t widely popular until 1980, and were bulky things, but steam trains ended roughly around the start of the 1900’s, roughly the same time women got the vote & were intriduced to work, but gender norms were still quite heavy. Sexuality hasn’t been supported since the last few years, and is still a problem in some places.

Sorry about the history lesson, i kinda got carried away on my own curious research, and yeah… :sweat_smile: Fun facts though, right??


def a fictional timeline cool facts :slight_smile:





I’m sorry but
“A plot add is something that I can add to the plot to let your character and yours only grow.” - ScarletSwanHunter who describes Plot Adds alot better than I can xD

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just saw this and OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD I STARTED FREAKING OUT! I’m just going to be here fangirling because I was quoted in such greatness.

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I am going to be starting the RP in a couple of hours, as I am on vacation and lowkey using sketchy wifi at the moment and would rather wait for non-sketchy wifi. For those who still need to submit characters, please reach out to me bc I’m down if you give me just the characters names and a brief personality then fill in the rest before Day 2 of the RP.

If some of you want to start to brainstorn your characters first post, the first day will start with characters arriving and eating a dinner buffet together. Then the next day (Day 2) they will receive their mancer abilities I do this so I can see the personalities in action.


@FallenAngelNight13 can I change the faceclaim for my female please?


sure, PM me


Announcement : Slight delay — my computer keyboard broke and I can’t use certain letters — typing is a pissing me off since I can not type most letters.


Oh dang, I’ll PM you with some brief info ASAP ^_^


Can i just say how pumped i am for this rp! lol :partying_face:


Ahhh I’ve had a terrible past two days - first sketchy ass wifi then my keyboard broke and I’m on vacation and can’t get it fixed. So long story short, I bought a plug in keyboard lol.

I’m typing up the first post now. >.<


@ScarletSwanHunter , you can do bags before or after dinner. I’ll add a part about bags in the intro post >.<


Would anyone like their character to be approached at the train station?


Okay, thank you! I was confused of if their bags can teleport too :sweat_smile:


I can approach your girl with mine, or any other combination could work as well.



Yes, ma’am.
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