SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


smae. Really let’s the patriotism shine thru. XD


Anybody can approach my girl if they want, but I will probably fall asleep soon…


We had to start today of all days…
I probably won’t be able to get a post in until much later, if at all. (Im off to see Wicked with fam :nerd_face: ) hopefully nothing too crazy will happen until then. If it does, can someone fill me in when i get back plez??


This is in order of when made approachable, the ‘highest’ on the list has been approachable longer
Day 1


Lune (Queen)
Eli (Queen)
Tariq (Queen)

~ Who is with Who ~

Wynne & CJ (Fallen & Aosaba)
Peter & Paris & Caitlin (LittleFeets & Nectarine & Ella)
Ophelia & Preston (Aosaba & Jdepisode)
Cora & Vanessa (jdepisode & Cricket_M)
Laurie & Olivia (Scarlet & Alifah)
Samuel & Harper & Zuri (Elx & Fallen)
Brian & Sapphire (Lin-K & Fallen)
Yassine & Alec (Yassine & Art3Miss)
Reia & Sebastian Sen-etcetc (Nectarine & Cricket)
Isaiah & Nathan (Ella & Alifah)
Spencer & Zaria (Scarlet & Art3Miss)
Crystal & Arden (LittleFeets & Riah)
Jane & Princess (Lin-K & Queen)
Alder & Noemi (Riah & Blu)


Would you like me to approach Reia with Squire Sebastian Senator?


yes, please!


Sorry, but I won’t be active today, and maybe not tomorrow either. My brain has been a clutter of chaos and frustration lately, and I’m wondering if I should take a short break from the internet or at least spend less time on it. Hope you understand.


Spencer and Zaria


I’m sorry, but I read that and my mind went to Mortal Instruments Alec and Magnus Bane


Haha, I totally didn’t do that on purpose…

I did.


OH MY GOD! I love that so much, I’m fangirling over here!


That response was hilarious.





@Lin-Kun, I’m planning on approaching Jane with Princess—just wanna make sure, is she in the auditorium?


Yup, but if your character also decided to wander around the school you can find her anywhere really if you’d like lol


ooh I can play with that, thanks~.


Anyone Approachable


A few posts up I have a list of who is approachable & who is with who


Faceclaims have been updated


Mini Announcement :
Since some of the conversations include being hungry, I’ll do the dinner announcement tomorrow at some point. You do not need to leave your conversations, it will be quick. After the dinner announcement ill include areas to chat / explore / break into etc.